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The Windsurfer LT by I-99 Cesare Cantagalli Boards

The Windsurfer Class has been the most popular one design windsurf class for decades and heavily involved in the early days World Championships and amateur events.

Today, thanks to the wide-visions and great efforts of the current management board of the International Windsurfer Class, together with Cobra manufacturer, The Windsurfer One Design Concept has re-opened new frontiers to the Windsurfing Community.

The I-99 Windsurfer LT maintains the same length of the classic windsurfer version, but with a upgraded new shape.

Built in compression moulding AST construction, 366 cm length and 74 cm width by 229 litres volume with an overall weight of only 15 kg thanks to its improved lightweight EPS styrofoam core and epoxy deck combined with different glass and carbon fibres laminated with epoxy resin.

The original classic shape has been completely updated with a perfect blend of all the parameters – scoop-line, rails, volume distribution for early planning to appreciate the magic of cruising modes, even in the lightest wind conditions.

Back to upwind regattas and cruising, the dagger board becomes the key factor here to diversify and spread the targets of the windsurfing approach from beginners to any level of cruising and triangle amateur competition.

The optional rig components are completed by the original and Official Windsurfer 5.7 m2 Mylar sail with a modern 40% carbon SDM mast and a vario aluminium boom. This Rig is officially Classifyed and approved by the International Windsurfer Class as to compete in all national and international Windsurfer Class events.

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